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Discover the cutting-edge, advanced Bible College programs available for you at FCMBI. The courses of study are designed with a flexibility that provides each student with opportunity to develop to the full potential of their Godly gifting at a pace that can be made adaptable to fit into their busy schedule or responsibilities to family, work, school, and ministry.






The purpose of Faith Covenant Ministries Bible Institute is to train men & women with a thirst for knowledge, a vision for leadership and those with a Fivefold ministry gifting to fulfill their God-given potential and release them into their calling. These Bible-centered classes provide practical insights into the everyday aspects of Christian ministry for pastors, associates, traveling ministers and lay leaders. Areas of study range from teamwork, leadership, church administration, character building & balancing ministry with family life to history, theology, public speaking, Bible doctrine, church planting, evangelism, scripture interpretation & operating in the gifts of the Spirit.




You can download CBC/FCMBI's  School Catalog by clicking the link below:


School Catalog